Uta Pri character crepe stand at marui OIOI department store

The Marui department store in Shibuya is pretty iconic, it features in a lot of anime and TV shows. Not being too far from the scramble crossing the women’s department store building is pretty easy to find. The ground floor features a variety of food stands but I was here for the Uta No Prince Sama crepes! Continue reading

Coris Choco Kinako Mochi kit

At ¬£1.50 a kit I couldn’t say no really! I found this on discount from Artbox the tofu cute store in London at Covent Garden. As far as DIY kits go this one is pretty simple. It’s a printed plastic pack which kinda looks a lot like the popin’ cookin’ ones, I’d say this is definite dagashi territory though. Cheap and cheerful snacks for kids. Or in this case big kids. Continue reading

Marutai Sesame And Soy Sauce Ramen

I keep trying our different brands of Ramen at the moment trying to hit that sweet spot of price to taste. These packs of Ramen are the bundled noodle type where the noodles are totally straight rather than being in a block. I’ve had these a couple of times and my results cooking straight ramen does tend to vary, it’s easy to over boil them as noodles like this tend to continue to cook even after you take it off the heat. Continue reading

Banana Cream Pocky

I picked up a couple of boxes of Chinese Pocky from Oriental Delight both of them are flavours I’d never come across. This one is banana cream it was actually the pretty box which caught my eye. This one seems to have a winter snowflake overlay with a nice bit of foil printing on the front. I can’t read Chinese so yeah, haha! Continue reading