Japan Center Curry Buns

I’ve placed orders with Japan Center in the past but today was the first time I’d ever ordered bread. I mean ordering bread on the Internet to be delivered to your house from London, it’s a bit weird.

I was kinda worried that once it arrived it’d be stale and inedible but no. Each bun comes individually wrapped and was soft and squishy on arrival. I would say that the timing of when I placed my order helped this. I ordered on a Sunday evening, the order was packed on Monday and arrived by Wednesday.

I heated these in the microwave and them popped them into the grill to give them that soft inside crunchy outside texture. The consistency of the curry inside was very good, it did taste different to Curry Buns I’ve had in Japan as it didn’t have that savoury doughnut feel. It was a bit more bread-y but not unpleasantly so, there’s just something comforting about eating a curry bun.

The bread dough itself wasn’t that sweet and a lot of the sweetness was coming from the curry itself. Overall it had a typical Japanese curry flavour with a hint of heat. Curry buns do taste best when they’re fresh out the fryer but I’d say this is a great version and you’d be hard pressed to find anything better. 9/10

I’ll be reviewing the other items that came in the box I ordered in the next few days! A few general comments about ordering with Japan Center. I’ve always found their service to be top notch, you never feel like your out of the loop with the dispatching of your order.

Another great aspect to their online ordering is how clear they are about ingredients of products, if you have any dietary requirements you’ll easily see what’s in all their products before you order.

Prices can however add up even in a box of relatively small items, I’d recommend being picky about what you order since some things you’ll easily find at your local supermarket or Chinese supermarket. Go with those hard to find items and you won’t go wrong with your ordering.


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