Crunchyroll spring season reviews 2016

I watch a lot of shows over the course of a season, some of them are simulcasts which are shows new for spring and others that I’ve missed out on from previous seasons. For this reason I’ve split this into two lists and due to the number of shows kept it short and sweet!

Bungo Stray Dogs (B) – I want to love Bungo Stray Dogs more than I actually do. The characters are all really likeable, especially the three leads one of which is played by Mamoru Miyano. Unfortunately the pacing of the story is awkward despite how pretty this show looks.

Flying Witch (A) – Probably my favourite show this season, it’s got a Studio Ghibli vibe to it. The characters are all charming and funny even though sometimes not much happens. It’s a great show to watch and just relax.

Joker Game (B) – I still haven’t caught up with Joker Game yet, it’s a very adult spy thriller show. Each episode is its own little story revealing the personality of Colonel Yuuki. It can be at times difficult to see the bigger story arc in this one but it’s quite an interesting foray into a fictional Second World War setting.

Kiznaiver (A+) – This one took me by surprise, I often don’t like a lot of shows that get top billing but I managed to totally get sucked into this one. I started really caring about the characters dispite the relatively big cast, the concept of sharing pain is an interesting one which leads to both funny and serious moments. Also the romance angle really helped to keep me watching each week.

Pan de Peace (C) – As a series of shorts about a bunch of girls who love bread this works ok, it’s so very moe. The characters are adorable but it’s very middle of the road high school stuff, it becomes less about the bread and more about the girls eventually.

Goma chan (B) – Again this is a series of shorts, probably one of the more ‘Japanese’ shows you’ll find. In the first episode they state they can’t eat Goma because he’s too cute. It’s very kawaii and pitched at a kids level as a result the humour and themes never get too series.

Space Patrol Luluco (B+) – I kinda loved this zany series of space adventure shorts, what stops me from giving it an A is that I actually think it could have been a normal length series. Sometimes it feels too condensed and the story is whizzing by at a rattling pace, it is very fun with memorable characters and catchphrases.

Tanaka-kun is always listless (A) – Another great series which has a slower pace, what could easily be a gimmick laden typical high school show is refreshingly fun. A lot of this is to do with the relationships between the various characters. Sweet and entertaining.

Tonkatsu DJ (A) – I loved this series way more than I should have done on paper. It’s notable for its very different art style which is very rough and cartoony but it works! It follows the story of the Tonkatsu DJ striving to be Shinjuku’s top night club DJ and the friends he accidentally makes along the way.

Lost Village (D) – Every week I watched this and wondered why I was still enduring new episodes. The characters are annoying, the story is convoluted and the cast of characters is needlessly excessive. The only thing that keeps you watching is the mystery element, if there’s a second series I won’t be  watching.

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