Spring season reviews part 2

Following on from part one here’s the second half of my spring viewing, these are mostly shows from previous seasons I’ve managed to watch around the new ones.

Gintama (B) – I know people love Gintama, this is the first time I’ve tried to watch a series that’s over 150 episodes. I’d say it’s a bit of a slow burn, highly episodic it’s quite fun to watch but the lack of an ongoing storyline is kinda baffling. Currently I’m on episode 46, I’m thinking my opinions might change eventually.

Death Note (B) – This is the live action version of the Death Note TV series. The stand out for me on this is actually Ryuk, he’s done well with the lively punk attitude of a shinigami. Parts of the story have been radically altered and I don’t agree with Mello being changed to a doll! Still it’s entertaining to watch although the story is progressing very fast.

Love Stage (B) – Again another side character stole the show in this one Izumi’s brother and lead member of the band Breakerz, Shougo. It’s clear he best all the best lines. The setup for this BL comedy is a bit outlandish but it’s quite fun once the story starts rolling along. As a bonus it features a lot of the same voice actors from Free!!

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (A+) – I loved this BL show about a bunch of manga editors, at first I got sucked into the main storyline between Onodera and Masamune. Their will they won’t they moments were filled with tension and actually I came to really like both of them. There’s a surprising amount of real emotion in this show and it’s very evident in the thoughts of characters who are at times torn between social duty and their emotions.

Erased (A+) – Another show where I desperately wanted a happy ending. This mystery show has more in common with Steins Gate than anything else and I got quite caught up in the twisting narrative. It’ll quickly hook you in wanting more even though it covers quite serious stuff.

Non Non Biyori (A) – There’s only really one way to describe this show and it’s ‘charming’. With it’s beautiful visuals and slice of life storyline of kids growing up its reflective and nostalgic. Another relaxing show focused on life in rural Japan.

Sound Euphonium (B) – Falling square into the category of ‘high school kids doing stuff’ is Sound Euphonium. What makes this show stand out is the relationships between different characters and how that affects the mood of the orchestra. It showcases some great music as well if classical is to your taste.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (A+) – I loved this show, so pleased it’s getting a second series! This won’t be to everyone’s taste; it’s a historical drama centred around two men who do Rakugo. Rakugo is a form of traditional Japanese comedic storytelling. It’s beautiful and delicate portrayal of this dying world is compelling.

Sekko Boys (B) – This series of shorts with it’s outlandish premise was actually a lot of fun. Poking fun at Japanese idol culture with a boy band made out of Classical Greek statues. It’s insanely catchy theme tune and humourous situations make it an entertaining watch.

Ojisan and Marshmallow (C) – For me this OL series went a little flat after a while, fun to watch but maybe a little too gimmicky. The ‘cooking’ segments at the end of each episode stole the show.

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