Red bean dorayaki by marukyo

I do like a good dorayaki, I think they use some sort of magic in YoSushi to cut them into thirds. In the UK I’ve mostly found dorayaki by marukyo, there are a few different varieties but these are the plain red bean type. I’d not seen them packaged like this before though as a square pack of six – I picked them up from a Chinese supermarket in York.

The red bean paste in these is thick and chunky rather than smooth which I prefer for dorayaki, the pancakes are nice and soft.  There’s a good amount of paste inside of the dorayaki so the ratio of bean to pancake is spot on. Each one comes pre-wrapped, don’t eat the silica gel in the packet! I would say that out the box on their own these are a little on the sweet side for me but eat them with a cup of tea, particularly green tea, it takes the edge off the peak sweetness.

If your new to dorayaki plain red bean is a good place to start, it’s one of the staples of the Japanese confectionary isle. I’m a little biased as I prefer the red bean and chestnut so my score is influenced towards that but overall a pleasant teatime treat. 8/10

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