Pocky Demitasse

I’m not quite sure how this ended up being the first Pocky review on the blog but here we are. This box of Demitasse is approximately half the size of a normal Pocky pack and comes with just the one packet inside. Even though the sticks themselves are half the size they’re actually slightly thicker than regular Pocky and they have a special crunchy texture.

The extra crunchy texture works really well with the slightly thicker dark chocolate, the sticks themselves are also chocolate flavour. The chocolate on these is different in texture to original Pocky as it’s ever so slightly thicker. One of the down sides is the single packet I don’t always complete a packet like this in one sitting so I had to awkwardly fold over the bag.

The design of the box as well isn’t great, it’s hard to reclose it once it’s open even though it’s quite a pretty box to look at and has a more ‘adult’ feel. According to the box these are slightly higher in calories than original Pocky – just something to watch out for if you care about that sort of thing.

The English label attached to the back of the box said these were coffee flavour even though no coffee was listed in the ingredients, clearly that’s not right! But if your looking for a good biscuit to accompany coffee this one would be pretty good. I’d say this box was quite different from typical Pocky in a good way somehow though it reminded me of Cadbury fingers due to the thickness of the biscuit. 8/10


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