Classic Pocky by Glico

Honestly I love Pocky. This is a box of classic style Pocky which has been imported to the UK from Japan, you can tell from the Japanese on the box(!) In most UK Chinese Supermarkets you’ll find different varieties of Pocky mostly from Thailand or China. Their boxes are styled slightly differently and the flavours have subtle differences, it’s personal choice if you find them better or not but I like the flavour of Japanese Pocky best.

The main reason I prefer it is because like the box says ‘more dark chocolate’ – I like the darker less sweet and more intense chocolate flavour here. You’ll find other varieties of Pocky will have a more sweet milk chocolate taste. There’s just something perfect about the dark chocolate paired with the lightly toasted biscuit and the just enough crunch texture.

Another thing that’s just great about original Pocky is the iconic box and its design. The red and white is an eye catching combination and the choice of layout makes for a design classic. Japanese gifting and packaging culture combine with a front opening box which has a special welcoming feel, inside the sticks are portioned into two packets which is ideal for saving one for later.

The packets  themselves have an easy open tab just below the top third so you don’t have to fumble with opening them at the top. It’s also the perfect height to expose the biscuit portion at the bottom for you to take them out and start eating! I don’t think there’s much more you could want from a snack 10/10


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