Bubble Cha in Newcastle

Bubble tea is a favourite of mine even though I know it’s not Japanese, it’s Taiwanese, you’ll find it all over Asia I had Moomin bubble tea when I was in Japan! This bubble tea shop is more of a cafe, it has a large selection of bubble tea choices in fact possibly the biggest selection I’ve seen so far in the UK. The tea menu runs from cold ice teas, hot tea, flavoured juices and milk tea.

You’ll also find tapioca boba, popping boba and jellies in a huge variety of flavours like grape and cherry. When I go to bubble tea shops for the first time I always have the same thing – it makes it easier to compare shops together. I had the matcha with tapioca boba, the tea itself wasn’t too sweet and had a good matcha flavour. I like my matcha on the strong side, it could have been stronger but I really liked the fact it wasn’t too sweet.

I also ordered a coconut and tapioca bubble tea which I found a bit too sweet for me but I wasn’t the one drinking it haha! Anyway since this is very much a cafe you’ll also find a variety of sweet and savoury snacks. They serve bao here with different fillings but I tried a bubble waffle, something I’d not had before. Bubble waffles are very popular in Hong Kong where they originate from.

I got mine plain to try out the flavour and it was really good! The bubbles in the waffle are hollow inside and it has quite an eggy flavour, again it wasn’t too sweet but if you paired this with a topping it would be sweeter. The shop itself has two booths and a limited seating area, it wasn’t very busy when I visited but it’s open til 9pm and my guess is that it’d get busier as the day goes on.

The staff here were very friendly too so if you can’t decide what to have I’m pretty sure they’d help you out with your choice. I visited the Bubble Cha on Stowell Street in Newcastle’s China Town but you’ll also find a shop near Haymarket Metro Station. You can visit their website here(8/10)

Update! 20/18/16 I revisited here last weekend and found they’ve recently changed their ordering to requesting the sweetness level. I found their standard level of sugar too sweet so I’d have to mark them down for this sadly. If you go I’d recommend the half sweetness or even less potentially. 7/10


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