Pocky ultra thin

Ultra thin Pocky might not sound that great but let me tell you it is! Each packet contains 50 sticks which are a about half the thickness of a normal classic Pocky stick. The thinner sticks make you feel like your eating more but the actual grammed weight of the packet itself is pretty much the same as the classic style.

The thinner sticks are really tasty and you get less of the biscuit flavour and a greater intensity of chocolate. I’d say the only downside to the thinner stick is that it’s a bit harder to suck the chocolate off as the sticks themselves tend just to break.

Again the box has a great design with the front opening flap and the long thin Pocky sticks on the front making an eye catching visual. The white with red design is almost the inverse of the classic Pocky packs. It’s a small change but it makes for a great eating experience when your wanting that chocolate hit. 9/10


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