‘Adult Milk’ Pocky

Yeah ok, I know what your thinking ‘Adult Milk’ sounds wrong. I didn’t realise when I ordered these that they’re actually limited edition. They feature the same extra crunchy sticks as the Demitasse except the biscuit here is the plain type with the same lightly toasted flavour as classic Pocky. I have seen a few places saying that the sticks here are actually a pastry crust.

I wasn’t keen on the flaky texture of the sticks as after the third or fourth it was a bit drying, it’d be the ideal snack to have with a tea or coffee for this reason. It’s funny how typically dark chocolate is considered to be the more ‘adult’ choice normally whereas the chocolate on these is a sweet milk.

I’m guessing the black and white front opening box is meant to have a more sophisticated feel to it!

If your not keen on dark chocolate you’ll probably love these, in a way the crunchy sticks take the edge off what would otherwise be a cloyingly sweet biscuit. I enjoyed these but they wouldn’t be my first choice to order again. 7/10

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