Japan Center Matcha Melon Pan

In my experience not all Melon Pan is created equal. If you’ve never come across Melon Pan before it’s a sweetened bread surrounded by a slightly crunchy cookie crust. Normally it has a very buttery flavour an intentionally simple taste which is supposed to be pleasing to even picky eaters. You’ll often find Melon Pan in a variety of different flavours including strawberry and melon.

This version of Melon Pan from Japan Center is labelled as Matcha and comes individually wrapped. When I cut it open I was kinda surprised to find it wasn’t flavoured with matcha throughout just in the cookie crust on top, it’s quite a pretty bun to look at. As you can see it was also filled with a chunky red bean filling which is pretty unusual for Melon Pan.

I’ll confess eating this was more like having Anpan but with a cookie crust. While not unpleasant after all red bean and matcha go well together I felt as though the matcha became a background flavour. In a way it took the edge off the sweetness of the red bean but as a matcha flavour anything fan I would have liked that taste to be a stronger one. In the end for me this ended up somehow not quite being Anpan nor Melon Pan, still pleasant but missing the mark a little. 7/10


2 thoughts on “Japan Center Matcha Melon Pan

  1. I’ve always wondered what Japan Centres fresh baked goods are like, they don’t deliver them to Northern Ireland sadly so all I can do is stare longingly at them haha. This one sounds amazing, even if the matcha isn’t as pronounced as it could be. Thanks for sharing! ^_^


    1. Haha, it’s no problem! You could make these yourself but obviously it’s a lot of work. Sometimes you can find sweet steamed buns in freezer sections in Chinese supermarkets. It’s not quite the same but they’re not bad!


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