Morinaga Hi-Chew Grape

Morinaga Hi-Chew sweets are pretty famous around the world created in a variety of fruit flavours since 1975 as an edible chewing gum. I love anything grape flavoured, it’s not a common sweet flavouring in the UK probably because grapes aren’t a native fruit. These have the classic red Concord grape flavouring that’s similar to American style candy.

This particular pack has a yoghurt filling which gives a slight creamy taste to the chews. They have a texture that’s a bit like a maoam bar or a slightly firmer starburst (opal fruit!) sweetie. It’s a pleasant chewy texture that disappears in a few minutes.

I don’t tend to buy sweets like this much anymore, I often think they’re targeted at a younger audience with a sweet tooth. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found I do have sensitive teeth and these sometimes set it off. They are ideal for the 3pm slump or a mid afternoon pick me up.

I also love the packaging on these; the little wax paper wrappers have the Hi-Chew mascot and Japanese phrases – handily with furigana! Pleasant to chew but not too substantial and very sweet, hits the spot when your in the right mood 7.5/10


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