Strawberry heartful Pocky

When I first saw these they were so cute I just had to buy them, I love the idea of the heart shaped Pocky sticks but I’ll admit they mostly tend to turn out triangular! Still it’s a cute idea and fortunately they actually taste pretty good. The strawberry sticks are coated in a light white chocolate.

The white chocolate on these doesn’t have a waxy texture and there’s plenty of snap to the biscuit. Mixed in are pieces of freeze dried strawberry which provides a natural strawberry taste that’s got an almost fizzy sherbet kind of taste/texture. I would say out of all the Japanese Pocky I’ve reviewed so far these have to be the sweetest in flavour.

The front opening box contains two separate packets of these which is great for sharing as they’re quite sweet. The box itself is obviously targeted at a feminine audience with its liberal use of soft colours and cute themes. Even the inner packaging with its transparent hearts is adorable. I’ve had two boxes of these now so obviously they’re not that bad! 8/10

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