Black Thunder chocolate bar

Honestly if you’ve never had a Black Thunder bar your missing out! These bars are teeny but they pack a flavour bomb that’s just so satisfying. If you’ve ever had a Rocky Road type bar you’ll be pretty familiar with this sort of confection. Originally I came across these in the Sharla In Japan videos on YouTube and they had some in Super Potato in Osaka for about 30 yen. It was love at first bite.

These rather unassuming looking bars are made by Yuraku Confectionery Company, they’re designed to appeal to a broad demographic at a cheap price. That’s partly why you won’t find any nuts in these bars. They’re a compressed bar of Oreo type cookies, plain biscuit, dark chocolate and puffed rice.

It’s the combination of the rich chocolate flavour and the crunchy textures that really make this tiny bar greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a brilliant little chocolate, apparently you can get these in a mini multipack or XL size too but I’ve only ever seen this size of bar. Each one clocks in at 115 calories which when you consider the content isn’t too bad, a ‘diet’ snack is considered to be 90 calories. I’d rather eat one of these.

If you see a Black Thunder buy one immediately, you won’t regret it! 10/10

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