Matcha Pocky

You can tell by the box this is some fancy Pocky, expectations were high on what to expect. Does it live up to the promise of high class biscuit eating?

This box has the classic front opening style of Japanese Pocky boxes but the design itself has gold foil printing which adds an air of exclusivity. The roped knot design is something you’d find typically on wedding gifts or gifts with a high importance so with this in mind it’s likely you’d buy these to give.

The design has a feeling of traditional Japanese style. Even the inner packets evoke a feeling of Japanese architecture with their circular window. It’s also notable that unlike other packets this has English which again reinforces the gifting feeling of this packet. Anyway on to the taste!

For me the matcha flavour wasn’t strong enough, the biscuit in the chocolate added to the crunchy texture which was great. The chocolate itself was more on the lighter sweeter milk side. The matcha flavour is really just in the background and comes across as a nutty flavour, almost like peanut.

While these were nice I’m not sure the double price on these was really worth it. Maybe try them if your curious but it’s not a multiple purchase item! 7/10


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