Bubble T Break Newcastle

I’ve been meaning to write up this review for a little while, again I know it’s not strictly Japanese but I really wanted to include a review of Bubble T Break. I love bubble tea so here we are. You can find this shop at Cross Street in Newcastle, it’s quite close to Chinatown but not quite in it. The location might make it hard to find for non-locals as its away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Although the shop itself has its own frontage it actually shares interior space with a phone shop which also sells international phone dialling cards – it’s a little weird. Like the way you might find a costa coffee inside a waterstones bookshop. Anyway it’s a lot smaller inside than it first seems.

Having said that it’s got a nice vibe, it’s clean but welcoming and almost like a Starbucks. They were playing light jazz on the day I visited so maybe that’s why I thought this but it reminded me a lot of cafes in Japan. They even had quite a few cute ornaments for the pop culture crowd.

So the ordering is pretty straightforward. You can choose your level of sweetness, type of tea and type of pearls. The sweetness level ordering now seems to be quite a common thing at bubble tea shops, I’ve kinda got mixed feelings about it but nevermind. I ordered what’s become my ‘usual’ a low sugar matcha milk tea with tapioca. I mainly order this because I love matcha but it’s a good test since I often find some places make their matcha less strong for British tastes. I like it strong haha! To me matcha is a little like marmalade, it should be slightly bitter and not too sweet with its unique aroma.

For me the matcha I got here was perfect – lovely soft boba, not too sweet and a lovely matcha flavour retaining a little bitterness. It tasted like how I would make it for myself and that’s probably the best compliment I can give. I’d highly recommend dropping by if your in Newcastle. You can find them on Facebook here9/10

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