Furata Green Tea Cookies

I’d seen these recommended for me based on my shopping activity on the Japan Center website and wanted to try them. Since I was in London I picked up a box, they seemed surprisingly popular in store – a lot of people were buying them too which is always a good sign.

These biscuits are a type of sandwich cookie with a matcha cream filling. They mostly reminded me of an Oreo style biscuit as they’re about the same size – you can see how large they are compared to my hand.

The biscuits themselves are a shortbread type which do have a very buttery flavour. They really compliment the matcha flavour quite well to give a sort of rich and creamy effect. Despite the thickness of the biscuit they still have a good crumbly texture, I also really liked the pattern printed onto them. A kind of pretty basket weave pattern just a small touch to add to the eating experience!

The size of them are just to say large enough to eat one at a time and still be satisfied. I could see myself buying these again, at the same time though they are a little plain. The packaging is more subdued and everyday than a lot of other Japanese products you’ll find out there so it’s likely a bunch of other items will catch you eye before these. It’s the ideal kind of product just to ‘fall into your basket’ and they’d be perfect for sharing as you do get a lot in a pack.

 If you’ve never tried a matcha based sweet or cookie I’d recommend them to try as the flavour isn’t overly strong but just enough! The buttery biscuit would be familiar enough for people who wanted a more European style teatime treat. A pretty solid 8/10

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