Meji Takenoko Matcha biscuits

Meji chocolates are pretty famous and are easily one of the more popular Japanese brands. These are their Takenoko no Sato biscuits or ‘Bamboo shoot of the village’ biscuits, bit of a mouthful there. I first came across this type of snack from the Himouto Umaru-chan anime and was pretty curious to try them for myself.

I have to say the packaging for these is adorable, the village theme is very cute! The full colour box outer has a front opening ‘lid’ which can be reclosed but keep in mind once you open the packet inside they’ll start to go soft if not well wrapped again. The box is printed on the inside in black and white too which is a nice detail that adds to the experience. Inside you’ll find a single foil lined bag which can be a little tricky to open even with the perforated edge! Anyway there’s also a cute pattern printed on this, you can’t escape the cuteness here.

The biscuits themselves are suitable for vegetarians and have a bamboo shoot shape. Each one is pretty small but is also covered in a layer of white chocolate flavoured with matcha. I always think Meji chocolate has a pretty distinctive flavour and you’ll find it here. These were sweeter than I expected and rather than matcha a lot of the flavour you’ll get is in the toasted biscuit taste along with white chocolate. The chocolate just about manages to avoid being really waxy as I find white is prone to be. 

While I enjoyed eating these I do prefer the Kinoko no Yama biscuits which have the slightly darker chocolate. Mainly because I can eat a packet of them in one go but with the Takenoko I didn’t find this. Give it a try if your curious but you might find yourself wishing you’d bought the regular version like I was! 6/10


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