Summer anime viewing extras

Ok so here are some reviews for shows I’ve been watching that weren’t part of the Summer anime release schedule but I watched them anyway. Enjoy!


I’m continuing to watch through Gintama and have almost reached the 100 episode mark. I’d actually say the story arcs are improving even though Gintama is like a soap opera. None of the significant characters ever die and occasionally you just get a really really cheap episode. It’s still funny though and I find myself quoting it endlessly without thinking about it. Gintama is like that old jumper you don’t want to throw away even though it’s totally threadbare. I still love Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi they’re the ones who keep me coming back, it’s light entertainment that’s easy to watch. B

Haikyuu season one

With Haikyuu coming back next season I took the time to re-watch season one again. Going back to the start just makes you remember how great a show this is, it’s possibly the ultimate sports show. With its relatively large cast of likeable characters, occasional humour and exciting matches it’s perfect. Just watch it. A+

Gauken Heaven

I started watching this part way through the season as it was added to the Crunchyroll back catalog as an older show. It’s a very light BL show that’s based on a video game. I was honestly surprised to see that this was made in 2006 since the quality of it is a bit ropey. The story itself spends a lot of time plodding along and doesn’t get going until episode 10 as Keita and Kazuki are pushed closer together during the MVP battle. There are a lot of recognisable seiyuu here including Kamiya Hiroshi who’s better known as Natsume from Natsume’s Book Of Friends.

I just wanted to take a moment though to talk about the opening theme to this show. It goes along nicely but it’s the guys voice and the moment he says ‘school boys’ in English you find yourself feeling like the fujoshi scum that you are. Letching on school boys. Anyway moving along. C

Natsume’s book of friends

I was curious about Natsume, you’ll often still find merchandise around for it especially of Nyanko-sensei. With it obviously still being a good seller after all this time I was wanting to watch it. For a show all about Yokai is actually got quite a gentle pacing which is an ideal end of the day show. I actually really like Natsume as a character he’s quite gentle, thoughtful and often worries excessively. His faults make him seem more like a real person struggling through life. The only down side I’d say is that some of the stories are quite similar and tend to veer towards beautiful and mysterious female Yokai. B


This was a super popular series when it came out and it’s still got a big fan base. The first few episodes of this show are amazing because they cycle back round on themselves without you noticing in only 30 minutes. It’s got an interesting cast of characters as a really strong seiyuu team including Daisuke Ono and Mamoru Miyano. The story itself is one thats unraveled as you watch it so sometimes you have to be willing to take the story on at face value for what it is. B


When I started watching this I knew Ajin was getting a second series and as a CGI show it has a style that more matches traditional anime rather than trying to reproduce real life (like berserk). I didn’t find the CGI as jarring as I did watching the first episode of Berserk which I ended up not watching at all. It’s quite a dark story with a cast of characters who are all at odds with each other. At times it’s very violent so be prepared for that, mixed with a little of the supernatural it makes for an interesting mix. Mamoru Miyano stars in this show as Kei an interesting role for him which requires a lot of subtitle characterisation. He’s distant, sometimes ruthless and hard to read yet at the same time you like him. The supporting cast in this show are all rather excellent so I’d highly recommend it. A+


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