Meiji Kinoko No Yama DIY chocolate kit

I took picture of this kit a while ago but didn’t get round to blogging it. This kit was purchased at Artbox in Covent Garden which is Tofucute’s real world shop. If your unfamiliar with Kinoko No Yama it’s a biscuit product made by Meiji, one of Japan’s leading confectionary companies.

The biscuits themselves are made up of a short crispy stick and then are topped off with a chocolate mushroom cap. You can get these in a variety of flavours from regular milk to strawberry and sometimes seasonal flavours. Anyway the kit comes in a nicely printed box themed with the super cute Kinoko branding.

Unboxing it you’ll find a bag of biscuit sticks, chocolate pens and a mould tray to pipe in the chocolate. Here in the UK you don’t get chocolate pens and I was excessively excited about these. All you need to do is boil the kettle and drop them in some hot water in a cup, leave them there a little while and the chocolate inside will melt. I thought it was interesting how the different types of chocolate melted at different rates. The pens are squishy so you’ll feel them soften as the chocolate inside melts.

I’m putting this out there now; a big part of these DIY kits isn’t actually in eating the thing your making. It’s more about the act of actually doing it and having a bit of fun to distract you from your depressing life. So with that in mind these taste exactly as you’d expect them to, lightly toasted biscuit sticks and sweet Meiji flavoured chocolate. Meiji chocolate has a distinctive taste it can be quite cocoa-y but for me I always love the taste of Japanese strawberry confectionary. It doesn’t have that artificial taste so many British and American sweets have. It actually smells and tastes good.

I had fun squeezing out as much chocolate as I could from the tubes, maybe it was a cold day but after a while the chocolate got stuck in the pens and I found myself having to re-melt them a couple of times. I also quickly realised that I’d have a lot more biscuit ends than chocolate and for me that was the main down side of the kit. Layering the chocolate into patterns was the best part of this and I only had enough chocolate in the pens for one go round of the mould but enough biscuits for two. So close but yet so far! If you do have any spare chocolate just lying around I’d suggest melting it down for a second set of mushrooms. 

I enjoyed eating them but it was all over just a little too quickly for me. You could probably just get a full box and eat them instead but I know that’s not the point. Fun while it lasted! 6/10

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