Little Moons Black Sesame ice cream Mochi 

If you’ve ever been to Yo Sushi you’ll have eaten Little Moons Mochi, they’re the brand that make them for the restaurant chain. Last summer Yo Sushi sold their frozen ice cream Mochi in a variety of flavours. It’s great Mochi but I always joke that you can get a full pack of it for the cost of two at Yo but thats not what your paying for when you eat there.

Anyway I love Black Sesame ice cream, it’s one of my favourite flavours. If your unfamiliar with it then it has a slightly peanut edge to it but different especially if the sesame has been toasted first which gives it a lightly roasted flavour. Sesame has a creamy texture and it’s almost like your adding fibre to your ice cream as it has properties that are benefit the digestive system generally.

These Mochi come in a tray of six and let me tell you ice cream Mochi is harder to make than it looks, I’ve tried and failed. Each one is a little sphere of ice cream with chewy Mochi wrapped around it. Mochi flour is a kind of rice starch it has a unique texture that’s sort of like Turkish Delight. For these ice cream balls the Mochi is unflavoured and simply sweet, it has a great bite to it. Each one is covered in toasted black and white sesame seeds which add a slight crunch.

One tip for these is to take them out a couple of minutes before you actually plan to eat them to let them defrost a little. No one wants to bite into rock hard Mochi. I’d recommend these highly especially if you’d never tried black sesame before since your not investing in a full tub of ice cream. They’re also easy and fun to eat since you don’t need a spoon! 

The only downside if there is one is that the sesame seeds get stuck in my teeth a little but that’s just a minor thing. Pick them up if you see them. 9/10


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