Want more? Takoyaki flavour corn rings

Beer snacks are great things and while browsing the Chinese supermarket in Newcastle I was curious enough to pick these up. This packet of Takoyaki flavour corn rings are made by Want more? From Thailand. Takoyaki are octopus balls or octopus dumplings depending on how you feel about balls.

The packet itself is a high quality printed packet with tantalising product shots of corn hoops on the front and inside the bag is foil lined. On opening the bag you’ll get a distinctly space raiders vibe from these if you’ve ever eaten them, you know cheap shaped corn snacks.

These are really strongly flavoured, on first bite you’ll get a Worcester sauce vibe which is apt since Takoyaki are generally covered in a fruit based savoury sauce. You can clearly see the flavour coating on these and there’s a little dried seaweed thrown in there too. After a couple of these you’ll get a generic seafood type flavour and a large part of the flavouring of these is shrimp.

I’d say the worst thing about these is actually the mouthfeel. When you take them out the bag they look crispy but again like space raiders they aren’t totally dry and brittle enough to give a satisfying snap. They’re softer in the mouth than you would expect and kind of melt away to nothingness. Once you get used to it they’re ok. 

These are best eaten with beer but would I actively get them again? Probably not I’d choose something else. They’re not great, not terrible, interesting to try but not a repeat purchase. 6/10


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