Anime reviews Autumn season 2016

Keeping up with my anime review posts here’s what I watched during the Autumn 2016 season. I haven’t included reviews here for shows I’m still watching which I’ve previously talked about like Gintama. There were a lot of shows that were of a very high quality which meant I wasn’t watching much back catalogue stuff. Anyway here’s my short and sweet reviews of the season that was.

All Out

I wasn’t sure that I would like All Out as a series when it started. During PV’s I was a bit lukewarm to the character designs. For me it really lacked the bishonen factor, the guys in All Out are extremely muscular. That aside I liked Gion as a character he’s fun and determined but somewhere towards the end of the first cour I started to loose interest. It’s obvious this series is going to be a shoe in for the rugby World Cup being held in Japan to get locals interested. I’ll be honest the story development just started to drag and ultimately I stopped watching. If your into rugby or muscular guys then this’ll be the show for you. B

Bungo Stray Dogs 2

My review of Stray Dogs season one I’ll confess was a bit lukewarm at best but I loved season 2. It gave me exactly what I wanted from the series. More Dazai. Yes I love Dazai he’s a great character and I really enjoyed the first half of the series looking at his backstory. It made me enjoy the second half of the series more and ultimately I found the whole thing a treat. Much better than season one. A


Haikyu has to be my favourite sports series I’ve ever watched and this 10 episode series didn’t disappoint me. Filled with tension and emotions I struggled not to shout at the TV. That’s how invested I am in Haikyu as a series. Secretly I hope this show rolls on forever it’s destined to be a classic! It was great to see so many characters get closure on their story arcs, fabulous. A

Magic-Kyun Renaissance

I wasn’t gonna watch this show initially. The first episode didn’t grab me but I came back to it out of curiosity I got a very Uta Pri vibe from it. Later episodes the series gained more personality and I got really attached to all the characters and the romantic story arc. The series is set in a school for magical arts and is your typical reverse harem. For me the range of ikemen in this show was very good even though they were essentially tropes. I liked the psychological angle of getting lost in your respective art and what you do when it starts to consume your life. B+

March Comes in Like a Lion

This isn’t a happy show, it’s actually a show about depression and what it’s like to be depressed. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its lighthearted happier moments but there are some very dark story elements here. The story follows Rei an orphaned child who finds himself being passed around only able to find some solace in Japanese Chess or Shogi. All the characters in this show have flaws maybe that’s why they feel more like real people with delicate characterisation and beautiful visuals it’s a stand out show. A+


Nanbaka is a weird show not quite fitting into any particular genre on one hand it’s quite violent and the other it’s a comedy. The show itself follows the daily lives of the inmates at Namba prison. It’s visuals are extremely anime to the point of it being a cliche. Normally I wouldn’t watch a show like this but Monday nights I ended up looking for something to watch. The direction of the story is variable and difficult to predict which kept me coming back. If your into shows like Dragonball or Gintama I’d recommend this one, it’s a little of everything and nothing at the same time. C


I love cute filler shows like this. Adorable CGI alien cats trying to get home and build their spaceship. Just cute cute cute. I found it hard to know who this show was aimed at with a few Otaku references which suggest a target audience much older than the cutesy visuals suggest. C

Poco’s Udon World

Even after watching the full series of this I feel conflicted about it. It’s cute but at the same time the story and characters feel at times like they’re loosing focus. Characters are built up but never reach a conclusive ending. In a way it feels like an advert for the prefecture and to try and get people to be broody and have kids. Either way this show didn’t have enough Udon in it! It shares a lot in common with last seasons Sweetness and Lightning but it just misses the mark somehow. C+

Sound Euphonium 2

I always knew this season would have a dissatisfying ending and I was right. That isn’t to say it’s a bad show but again I felt it lacked direction at points the motives of characters seem to change a lot. Suddenly the main focus seemed to be on side characters who feel like they’ve come out of nowhere to play the leads. I also was lukewarm to the ongoing romance side story in this and it never really came to a satisfying conclusion. I missed the relationship between Reina and Kumiko which was left sidelined from the end from season one. An enjoyable series ultimately laden with plot issues. B

Token Ranbu – Hanamaru

I’m not sure why I ended up watching this. Full of ikemen it’s like watching moving wallpaper. Handsome guys having fun occasionally battling enemies. It’s cute but not much more than that. The real story only happens towards the end and even then it’s wrapped up quickly. This is a bit of fun for a mobile gaming franchise that’s very popular. C


Based on Edokawa Rampo’s most famous work the shonen detective agency I was curious to see how this would play out. The attachment of Gackt to the series also caught my eye but unfortunately it wasn’t good. If this gets a second series I won’t be watching. Ultimately what kept me watching was Daisuke Ono who’s a great voice actor caught up in a mediocre show. The plot stumbles along with various problems and it’s just mind bogglingly dull in the end. Even hanging that BL carrot in front of my face doesn’t get me interested in this. The animation style reminds me of stuff that was put out in the early 90’s. Snore. D

Uta no Prince Sama

I love Uta Pri. In a way it’s just fluff, slushy romance that you just don’t have to think about too hard. Season four was a definite step up from three though with a conclusion to the Triple S storyline. I don’t like Heavens they aren’t nice guys and in some cases inflict some serious mental trauma to Starish. Ittoki’s story was actually quite dark and impactful and it felt the franchise had taken a unusually serious tone. I found myself getting unexpectedly drawn in unlike last season. B+


I wanted to like this more than I actually did. Based on a web comic it really feels like it too. Highly episodic it turns out to be a comedy romance show. I found the characters a little unmemorable compared to their first season counterparts. For what it was I enjoyed it but I could have easily sat out on this one. C

Yuri On Ice

Putting this out there now; this was my show of the season. I’d go so far as to say show of the year. I can’t say enough about how great this show is. Just watch it, all the hype is real. My only criticism of it is that I would really have liked it to be longer, 15 episodes would have allowed the series more breathing space. I found myself wanting filler episodes just to spend more time with the characters. I know is a sports not drama series but after a while I felt there was too much time spent in competition mode. I’ve never ever wanted filler episodes before but I just love it! A+


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