Meiji Galbo Mini Banana biscuits

I didn’t realise when I first saw these they’re a limited edition anniversary packet I guess that’s why when I went to buy them a second time they’d sold out and were gone from the shelf. I’m glad I was curious enough to pick these up because they pack a lot of flavour for such a little treat!

The box on these is what caught my eye first, you don’t get too many banana flavour snacks. It’s a nicely printed front opening box with a foil packet inside to help keep the biscuits fresh. It’s also one of those ‘open anywhere’ packs I love so it’s super easy to open. No messing about here.

Anyway when I took the first biscuit out the box it wasn’t quite what I’d expected. It was a little more pellet like than I was expecting, the outside white chocolate coating seemed a little uneven. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of these, if you’ve ever eaten sweet shop foam bananas you’ll know what I mean. That said its not an unpleasant flavour, really quite addictive. Unfortunately it did overwhelm the chocolate flavour of the biscuit itself but I can overlook that.

They had a really nice crunch too and are just the right size to want another one. If you see a box of these I’d highly recommend them. 9/10


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