Meiji’s Strawberry Takenoko No Sato Biscuit

A while ago I reviewed the matcha version of this biscuit and it was ok but maybe a little un-memorable. How does the strawberry variety fare by comparison? 

I’ll confess I love these triangle shaped packets, I don’t know why but I do. If you tear it exactly in the center you get a cute biscuit pouch that’s easy to reach into and to share. These packets are foil lined for freshness and are full colour printed with the cute Takenoko imagery and logo on the front. It’s the ideal size to stash in your bag or put in a lunchbox.

You can see these are white chocolate coloured pink but there’s also some dried strawberry in there too just to add a bit of variation to the colour. Japanese strawberry flavouring tends to be more natural and I prefer this although these have a kind of milkshake taste which is great.

These I’d actually rate higher than the matcha version which I found a little too sweet. I found myself wanting to eat the whole lot, pretty tasty! 9/10

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