Cup Noodle Chicken Flavour 

I try not to eat too many cup noodles since they’re not great nutritionally but they’re something I enjoy every now and then. After the Udon the other day I realised I’d never tried a classic Nissin Cup Noodle so I got two. This one is the Chicken Flavour, it was produced for Nissin in Hong Kong so if you’ve seen any Japanese cup noodle reviews this is a bit different.

I don’t know why but green is always associated with chicken flavour noodles. This pot came plastic wrapped I guess to keep it longer on the shelf. Inside is a plastic inner and a nicely printed card outer. Since this is from Hong Kong you’ll find instructions on the back in both English and Chinese.

Let’s open it up and have a look inside. You’ll find the noodle block and powder soup along with textured soy and a variety of dehydrated vegetables. Preparing it is simple you just add hot water and wait three minutes, nothing else required. I found everything absorbed the hot water nicely and rehydrated.

When you first taste this it’s hard not to compare it with a pot noodle, now the soup has a similar flavour but it’s somehow lighter and a touch less salty. Also since the soup powder is distributed more evenly in the pot you don’t end up with a undissolved chunk of it at the bottom like a pot noodle. Bleh. 

Another thing that sets this apart is the variety of dried vegetables in it and not just that but how good they taste. I mean it’s not packed full of vege but it’s enough to make it feel like there something there. Particularly noteworthy is the cabbage which actually has a bit of crunch to it.

If there was one thing I’d be critical about its the textured soy, pot noodle just does it better. The pieces are large and kinda end up a bit squishy in the mouth. I was a bit disappointed as the Japanese cup noodles have real dehydrated chicken inside them. It’s actually hard to find real Japanese cup noodles and ramen packs in the UK, a lot of what we get is via somewhere else which is understandable.

Anyway I liked this more than I expected and more than a chicken flavour pot noodle, it’s not gonna set the world alight but makes for a pleasant lunch. 7/10


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