Amiami online anime goods store

I’ve shopped with Amiami a couple of times now but I remember the first time trying to find reviews of their service online and struggling so here we are. Amiami is a reasonably well known otaku anime goods store which offers shipping directly from Japan. You can get new goods and do preorders for upcoming items as well which is what I did for my first order.

I was keen to get my hands on a Karasuno team t-shirt, I’d seen a few tweets about these and really wanted to get it and since they’re an item that’s hard to find in the west I took to the Internet. Amiami were taking pre-orders for it, I didn’t have to pay up front just register an account and wait for them to email me an invoice. 


The invoice I got was a plain text email which these days thanks to fancy email tools these days looked a bit shady. I had to pick in advance what kind of shipping I wanted, there’s a huge array of options at various price points so there is a bit of wiggle room to reduce costs. I paid using PayPal using the invoice via email so it was pretty simple.

Anyway I was pretty excited about it arriving! It came in a nicely sized just for one t shirt card box, it was bubble lined and came with a super cute flyer. I actually kept hold of this for quite a while, it’s a small glossy print of their mascot. I was overall pleased with my purchase and speed of delivery. My order arrived via standard Royal Mail post with other regular mail and wasn’t signed for.

The only thing I’d say is check the size chart if your buying clothing as some sizes can run a little small. For example in the UK I’m a size 10 or a small to medium, in Japan sizing I’m definitely a medium to large depending on the fit. In my experience in buying Japanese clothing fit can vary greatly. For example I have a Nekoma shirt bought from Jump Store in Osaka as a medium but it’s fit is more of a large on me. In the same shop I also got a Karasuno sports team top, like the ones they wear in the show, it’s a medium but is more like a small. If in doubt go a size up, you can always wear it baggy or if you have sewing machine skills make it smaller yourself.

My shirt came new with tags, a lot of amiami’s clothing is made by cospa which you can find on Amazon at hyperinflated prices. Generally I find cospa shirts to be good quality as they hold up to a lot of washing, I often wear my tees throughout the year to Zumba.

If your outside Japan it’s a really convenient service to get the goods that you want, keep in mind when your looking at the shipping costs it’s literally coming from the other side of the world! 8/10

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