Kamedaseika Curry Rice Crackers

Hurray for beer snacks! In my last Japan Center order I really wanted to get some savoury senbei, or rice crackers, browsing their section I found these. This is the larger pack of curry senbei you can get made by Kamedaseika but you can get them in smaller packs too.

This pack of senbei come plastic wrapped with a simple printed design that just says ‘curry-sen’, nothing fancy going on here. On the plus side you can see through the packet and have a look at exactly what your buying. Inside they come in a little plastic tray and amazingly they’re not individually wrapped which is common for Japanese snacks.

I love anything curry flavoured and these are no exception in fact they taste amazing. They have a mild Japanese curry flavour at the start and then you get a creamy chicken taste. Obviously if your vegetarian you can’t eat these due to the hidden chicken flavouring. 

The senbei themselves are nicely crunchy and not too hard, they’re pretty satisfying to eat. In a way curry senbei is a clever idea since senbei are made out of rice so it’s like your eating curry rice. Nice!

Oddly I’d say the only down side of these is that they aren’t individually wrapped. If your not going to eat the whole packet at once, which is pretty difficult due to the size of the pack, they’re just open to the air a bit. If you leave them out like all rice crackers they’ll start to go soggy so be careful! You can of course remedy this by simply wrapping them up or putting them in an airtight container somewhere dry.

I’d highly recommend getting these tasty senbei! 9/10

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