Buono strawberry Mochi ice dessert

I’ve bought Buono Mochi before but this is my first official review! For those of you who can’t eat dairy this dessert is ideal since it’s made with coconut milk rather than cows milk. This pack was bought at a Chinese supermarket in York, if your buying frozen items you better hope your train home doesn’t get delayed!

Anyway this pack comes with six individually wrapped portions, they’re ideal to share or to just treat yourself to one at a time and make the box last for ages. The box itself is just simple printed cardboard with a picture of the product on the front. These are made in Thailand by Buono for the international market.

The single packs inside are actually really convenient, there’s no fiddling about just grab one and you can eat them straight out the packet. The packets are actually printed which is a nice touch almost like a drifting petal pattern.

As for the taste these are strawberry flavour so they’ve been coloured pink, you can’t taste the coconut over the strawberry flavour. It tastes good without getting too artificial, for some reason it has a real childhood strawberry ice cream taste to me. The outer Mochi layer is actually quite thin and soft, you feel like your getting more filling for your money. Per piece I’d actually also say they’re reasonably low in fat – it is still dessert though.

Somehow probably due to the coconut these are soft straight out the freezer so no waiting on these to reach a good consistency before eating. I’ve bought these previously in other flavours but I guess the real question is do I like these more than Little Moons? I hate to say it but I do prefer Little Moons if I can get it but this does come a close second especially in summer when frozen Mochi is often sold out in stores. 7/10


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