Nissin Cup Noodle Spicy Seafood Flavour

Cup Noodles come in all kinds of flavours, this one is another of the Hong Kong Cup Noodles. This one is the Spicy Seafood flavour, the outside of the packet has added flames just for effect in case you weren’t sure.

This one was again plastic sealed and features a printed outer with English and Chinese cooking instructions. Opening it up reveals dried vegetables including cabbage and sweetcorn. I get the feeling that the dehydrated cabbage is a signature of Nissin Cup Noodle. The other bits you can see in the top are actually dehydrated cuttlefish slices, these have a chewy texture when rehydrated.

Again the soup powder is distributed evenly through the noodle block so no clumps of soup to be found after a good old stir. The noodles are again good but just how spicy is it? Actually it is pretty spicy and that spice builds the more you eat it, not for the mild eaters this one!

The only dissapointed thing I’d say for this one is that the seafood flavour gets a bit lost due to the spice level overall. That doesn’t mean it’s unpleasant, just be careful if your not keen on spicy food – although you can’t say you weren’t warned! 6/10

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