Tohato Harvest Cookies and Cream biscuits

I bought these biscuits on a whim really, I’m a fan of cookies and cream flavour even if it’s just Oreos but these took my eye. Tohato are probably most famous for their caramel corn snack range but they also make savouries and biscuits too. This small pack was bought at the Chinese supermarket in Newcastle.

The pack outer is quite eye catching with its product shot and blue pouch, once you open it you’ll find four smaller individual packets. Each of these packets are branded quite simply and if you ever wanted to feel like you were staying in a hotel while at home now is your chance.

Anyway, each of these packs come with two super slim biscuits inside them. They’re a pretty reasonable size but I would say there’s quite a strong artificial vanilla smell that comes out the packet once it’s opened. Really they’re quite an attractive biscuit to look at with its feather pattern on top. You can clearly see the two layers, the bottom has a bitter chocolate taste and the top is a slightly sweet vanilla.

The thinness of them makes them really crunchy almost like a wafer. These pair really well with tea or coffee. Despite the artificial smell these actually taste better than expected. Apparently you can put these biscuits in the freezer to change their texture slightly but I ended up eating them as they were. 8/10


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