Shoryu Ramen London

At the weekend I was in London for a little while and decided to stop by at Shoryu, mainly because I was at Japan Center and was a little short on time. They’re a Ramen chain owned by Japan Center, you’ll find them in a couple of places but this one is at Picadilly just behind Japan Center.

It looks small from the outside but actually it’s bigger than it looks. Unfortunately I would say seating here is a little awkward. My dining partner and I were seated on a long banquet table with another two couples. So keep in mind if you visit during a busy time your likely to be sitting right next to someone you don’t know. Awkward maybe.

Anyway the menu looked good but oddly for a restaurant called Shoryu pretty much 80% of the menu was taken up with Tonkotsu style Ramen. There was a miso type ramen on the menu along with a variety of small plates like gyoza and steamed buns. They also do desserts but we didn’t order any, a little extravagant for lunch.

I ordered the genmaicha to drink which came in a small teapot for one and a matcha latte which had a good flavour but was quite milky. I have ordered genmaicha in London restaurants before and gotten a single cup rather than a teapot! Anyway we tried two bowls of ramen, the standard Shoryu Tonkotsu and the curry ramen Tonkotsu.

The standard ramen was actually pretty nice, I’m not usually one to order Tonkotsu but this one was light enough for me. I tend not to like very rich creamy Tonkotsu as I find it can be quite heavy, if you like it heavier they do have it on the menu too. So the standard one comes topped with a half ramen egg, char sui, mushroom, sesame seed, fried onion, nori, green onion and ginger.

The curry ramen actually had quite a spicy taste, a standard Japanese curry flavour with chilli mixed in which actually gave it some heat. The broth base for this was still the Tonkotsu. This came with chicken karage and narutomaki. 

In addition to this we also ordered the gyoza which I was a little dissapointed with. They lacked a depth of flavour and juiciness that gyoza should have. It comes with ponzu which actually wasn’t very nice, it had quite a strong alcohol flavour which wasn’t right. I guess you take your chances at restaurants.

Would I go back? Yeah I probably would but just for ramen, there are however loads of other places to try in London for Ramen. It’s easy to be spoilt for choice, I did maybe think this was a touch expensive for lunch so I’d recommend it for dinner as the prices will be the same. I prefer Japan Centers other restaurant Ichiryu over this one though, it’s an udon shop on New Oxford street and the quality of the broth and the udon are better than Shoryu. Still it’s not bad just a few minor things let it down. 7/10

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