Kabaya Quattro Matcha Chocolate Biscuits

I love anything matcha flavoured and so far I’ve reviewed quite a few matcha biscuits but oh my these are probably up there as one of the best. I picked these up on a whim really from Japan Center, I hadn’t seen them before on their website so time to give them a try! These are made by Kabaya, I’ve never had any of their products before either so it’s all new to me.

The first thing that caught my eye about these was the box. It’s actually a fully colour printed box which has a slight texture to it which just says ‘luxury’! It’s black and green colour palette is quite sophisticated for a snack product. It’s also got a really nice die cut box flap on the back and each biscuit is individually wrapped for your convenience.

Out of the packet they might look small but don’t let that fool you! The top is a layer of white matcha chocolate and milk chocolate. Underneath that is a sort of matcha ganache layer and finally a small matcha biscuit to add a bit of texture to the whole thing.

These have a great matcha flavour I think mostly because of that ganache layer which is just amazing. They’re made with high grade Kyoto matcha so that probably helps too. You get the slightly bitter matcha, the sweet chocolate and the satisfyingly crunchy biscuit. It’s like eating a matcha latte, highly recommended! The only sad thing is you just get eight in a box… 10/10

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