Meiji Kinoko No Yama Extra Chocolate

I’ve reviewed the regular Kinoko No Yama before and I love them. Somehow it’s great to find a product that you love which have some unique variations. This version has extra chocolate and honestly how can that be a bad thing?

As a premium product the packaging for this has been improved as well. It’s got a full printed front opening box and each one is wrapped individually. While it might seem excessive but each biscuit is slightly larger than their standard counterparts so they’re slightly more substantial. It’s nicer to spread out munching on these with a cup of tea rather than eating the whole packet at once.

The overall weight of the box is slightly lower than the standard size dispite the larger biscuit size.

The taste of these is fantastic, the extra chocolate honestly is lovely. The mushroom cap itself is larger and each biscuit stick is coated in a layer of dark chocolate. The biscuit underneath this is still really very crisp and so is the chocolate outer.

I wouldn’t choose these over the standard version every time but if you can get them I would highly recommend it. Top notch people! 10/10


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