Big Thunder or Black Thunder 3

I love Black Thunder and I’ve has these Big Thunder’s before from Japan Center, you won’t find these on their website sadly. You can only get these in store I suspect due to what happened to mine, it snapped on its way home. Compared with the original Black Thunder these are a totally different bar but it still retains the spirit of the original.

First thing you’ll notice is how flat this is, somehow it’s more of a chocolate bar rather than a biscuit. In fact it’s a very thin biscuit coated on the top and bottom with chocolate.

The biscuit has a Oreo style taste, it’s a very crunchy chocolate biscuit which has a great flavour. Somehow even though the chocolate is cheap it’s not unpleasant. It has quite a strong cocoa flavour without being waxy which is impressive. The waffle pattern on top is quite attractive. 

While it’s quite sweet you’ll easily find yourself going back for more and suddenly it’s all gone! Highly recommend this one if you can get it, a great chocolate fix. 10/10


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