Thai Almond Pocky

I’d never seen this Pocky before so obviously it was an instabuy from Japan Center. Don’t be fooled though this isn’t Japanese Pocky despite the Japanese side on the box. This Almond Pocky is one of the Thai branded Pocky flavours, very different from the Almond Crush version which you might have seen floating around.

The eyecatchingly yellow design is the standard Thai style front opening box with a single packet inside, best to share these with a friend otherwise you’ll just eat the lot. Do you like Almond butter? If so you’ll probably love these. One thing that lets these down straight out of the box is the colour, it’s all very brown which is a little bit unappealing. Beige snacks aren’t generally that exciting.

Each lightly toasted biscuit stick is covered with a kind of almond white chocolate fondant, mixed into it are some lightly crushed almonds. It has a really natural flavour which reminds me of almond butter, it’s not synthetic yet somehow has quite a strong almond biscuit taste.

Unlike the Almond Crush there isn’t a chocolate flavour so if your looking for a chocolate hit you won’t find it here. These were nice I’d recommend giving them a try but I’m not sure I’d make a repurchase. 7/10


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