Sokan Spicy Burdock

I got hooked on to these Spicy Burdock snacks at New Year when a friend gave me some to try. I’ve since bought them a couple of times from Japan Center, they’re supposed to be beer snacks but I can eat these anytime! Each packet is sold by weight rather than by number of pieces so you might find some variation in the size of the packet you get.

Each pack is foil liked and the snacks themselves are individually wrapped which is handy for putting in lunch boxes. This packet had two sticks in but again because it’s by weight you might just find one large stick inside. Burdock is a type of root vegetable which has quite a fibrous texture. It’s pretty crunchy and chewy which gives a pleasant mouthfeel. Don’t dry and chew a little bit off at a time it’s better just to munch down on the whole stick at once.

These are actually pretty spicy, with a warming feeling that builds over time. You also get the sweet pickle flavour which is a distinctive Japanese pickle taste. If you don’t like pickled onions or gherkins then you might want to give this a miss. There are also bonito flakes on the outside which give a slight smokey tuna taste.

I love these! Just don’t do what I did and buy at least two packs at a time, yum yum 9/10


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