Banana Cream Pocky

I picked up a couple of boxes of Chinese Pocky from Oriental Delight both of them are flavours I’d never come across. This one is banana cream it was actually the pretty box which caught my eye. This one seems to have a winter snowflake overlay with a nice bit of foil printing on the front. I can’t read Chinese so yeah, haha!

It’s noticeable how much cheaper the Chinese boxes are compared with the Japanese and Thai branded Pocky. Anyway inside this one you’ll find a single packet rather than a split one. On opening it you’ll get hit with a very strong banana smell. If you don’t like ripe bananas you’ll really dislike this.

The biscuit sticks have a light white chocolate mixed with banana flavouring and real bits of banana. They’re pretty nobbley to look at! I don’t know if it’s the banana but these sticks do have less snap than a plain chocolate type, they somehow feel a bit softer. The banana coating is more of a fondant since it’s not got much of a white chocolate taste and it’s not too sweet either.

The taste is surprisingly nice though, it kinda reminds me of banana chips mixed with foam bananas. Not totally synthetic tasting and they’re really kinda nice but I don’t think I’d re-buy them. 7/10


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