Marutai Sesame And Soy Sauce Ramen

I keep trying our different brands of Ramen at the moment trying to hit that sweet spot of price to taste. These packs of Ramen are the bundled noodle type where the noodles are totally straight rather than being in a block. I’ve had these a couple of times and my results cooking straight ramen does tend to vary, it’s easy to over boil them as noodles like this tend to continue to cook even after you take it off the heat.

I do like how compact these noodles are as you get two portions in a fairly small space, they’re maybe towards a mid-price range at £2.60 a pack at the moment. Inside you get your noodle bundles, soup powder, and a bit of fat. (I know it sounds gross but it’s good!)

The noodles have a pretty quick cooking time, around 3 mins, and I’d recommend having an egg timer for this. After this you add in the powdered soup. I don’t normally like powder soup but this one had sesame seeds in it! Also you add in the pouch of fat, let it sit on a low heat for about a minute just to let everything dissolve.

I didn’t have high expectations for this one because it combines a lot of things about instant ramen I dislike; the straight noodles and the powder soup. But actually this is really good! The sesame taste is quite strong and it has a pleasant meaty taste due to the combination of pork and chicken broth along with a nice soy flavour. It’s got a surprisingly authentic taste! 

Ramen always looks better when you dress it up a bit. I’d recommend giving this one a try if you can find it 9/10


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