Ultra thin white chocolate Pocky 

This was another one of my purchases from Oriental Delight in London, I’d never seen this Pocky before. It’s a Chinese branded Pocky and I’m not sure if it’s rare or not. I couldn’t find much about it why I tried googling it for myself, I can’t read Chinese so I’m at the mercy of Google.

Ok so the outside of this box might seem familiar. The packaging design is really similar to the Japanese ultra slim Pocky which comes as a milk chocolate flavour. I reviewed that one a while back. Again once your inside you’ll just find the single packet, this one is a pretty blue and white design.

On opening it again I got quite a strong smell, is this a thing with Chinese branded Pocky? White chocolate tends to have a low melting point so I was impressed that the sticks hadn’t all just melted together. I’ve occasionally had this happen to me before. The smell of it really reminded me of the Japanese ice cream or milk type Pocky.

I’d actually say that this has the milk Pocky taste too, or maybe like a Cadbury milky bar. You know the sort of thing I mean. I couldn’t decide if these were as thin as they Japanese ultra thin, without a box on hand it was hard to tell. I like the thinner sticks though they have a satisfying snap and it feels like your eating more even though the box weight is the same. I actually really liked these, I’d buy them again if I could find them! 8/10


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