Coris Choco Kinako Mochi kit

At £1.50 a kit I couldn’t say no really! I found this on discount from Artbox the tofu cute store in London at Covent Garden. As far as DIY kits go this one is pretty simple. It’s a printed plastic pack which kinda looks a lot like the popin’ cookin’ ones, I’d say this is definite dagashi territory though. Cheap and cheerful snacks for kids. Or in this case big kids.

Inside is a little plastic tray which as dehydrated mochi disks in it, honestly it must take a lot of effort to dehydrate mochi as the stuff is so sticky. It also comes with a packet of soft chocolate fondant, kinako and a tiny Mochi fork. If you’ve never had kinako it’s ground roasted soy beans, it has a kind of peanut taste.

All you need is a small splash of water to rehydrate the mochi, make sure you flip it over to get a good absorption of water on the pieces. I’ll admit the chocolate out of the packet looked less than appetising but actually it tastes ok in a cheap way. Unfortunately you could taste the kinako was a bit past its best as it didn’t have a strong flavour.

A fun little diversion but I’d probably choose another DIY kit over this one next time, if you’ve never had a candy kit before this would be a good one to start with before getting hooked on them! 6/10


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