Popin’ cookin’ pudding parfait DIY kit

This is one of Popin’ Cookin’s most famous kits the pudding parfait. I was looking for a bit of a distraction for a few minutes so here we are. I got this kit from Artbox in Covent Garden, this one was full price though! The picture on the box looks so good haha!

So out the box you get a plastic tray which is standard for the cookin’ kits and then a variety of tiny packets of powder. It’s amazing that these kits don’t just taste like some sort of chemical storm. So I actually enjoyed putting this together but impatient me didn’t leave the pudding to set for long enough. I tried to turn it out of the mold too soon and it was still pretty soft and mushy. Everything else was easy to make and put together!

Naturally I covered my terrible pudding in sprinkles because they can hide a multitude of sins clearly! For the taste actually it tasted like pudding, you know eggy caramel pudding. Definitely better than I expected for a load of dust in a packet.

You might have seen videos of this one on YouTube and one of the benefits of the cookin’ powders is that they’re slightly effervescent which makes them easy to mix. My favourite part of the kit was actually the orange slices which had a surprisingly realistic look and a good flavour.

Maybe my pudding didn’t turn out to be the best looking but I had a lot of fun with it. 7/10


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