Nissin Demae Ramen Tokyo Soy Sauce

It’s been a while since I last had the time to write any reviews, unfortunately I hurt my back a few weeks ago and have been struggling with getting things done since then. Anyway your probably here for the food and not me prattling on.

Here we are with Nissin’s Demae Ramen. This isn’t a brand I’m actually keen on, it’s very common in the UK and you’ll often find they’re sourced from Hong Kong or mainland China. I tend to avoid this brand of Ramen but the ‘Tokyo Soy Sauce’ flavour took my eye so it was time to give it another go. It’s actually a pretty packet, I quite like the dark colours which gives a classy feel.

Inside the pack you’ll find the noodle block, seasoning sauce and powder. It’s the usual sort of instant ramen cooking where everything cooks in the one pot for about 3 minutes.

Actually the soup here tastes good so I’ll just say that wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It’s exactly as you’d think it’d taste, a strong soy umami flavour which is a bit salty. The main thing I always find with Demae is it’s actually the noodles that let it down. 

They’re always just a step away from being overcooked because they’re quite thin, also the noodles themselves have a flavouring. I find that they taste like chicken and while this isn’t totally unpleasant it’s not my favourite. 

For me the soup saved this would I buy it again? Probably not but that’s only because I found it a little average for my taste. Middle of the road 5/10


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