Morinaga cheese brulee bites

I was at Hiroshima station and I kept seeing these at pretty much every train station 7/11 store. I was trycurious so I decided to give them a shot, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Other than cream cheese covered in melted sugar of course.

Morinaga are a pretty famous Japanese confectionery brand known for their dairy products so this fits into their range pretty well. The box being bright yellow really grabs your attention, kinda hard to miss. They come in just a standard printed box, inside they’re foil wrapped in a little black plastic tray.

They look pretty similar to the picture on the box really, white with a crunchy sugar outer like a creme brulee topping. Now the smell of these when you open the packet is incredibly strong cheesy smell, very savoury scent for a sweet thing.

They’re going for that savoury sweet thing but the cheese tastes as strong as it smells. I couldn’t actually decide if I liked these, it’s quite a strange experience. If I saw them again I don’t think I’d buy them. These just aren’t for me! 4/10


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