Namjatown Yuri on Ice collaboration 

I know a lot of people who’d be put off by the 500 yen fee just for going in but actually this was pretty cute. Namjatown is actually a bit difficult to find, it’s on the top floor of an annex of the sunshine city complex which is opposite Otome Road. It’s like a maze inside, just keep following the signs.

It’s really well themed inside and is definitely a theme park with all the prices that go along with that. I’d say if you not a big big fan of Yuri On Ice you’ll probably find this a bit of a money pit. I’ll confess I had fun! I did pictures with the two photo spots here which is free everything else is paid for.

I also did the prize tombola which was about 1,200 yen for 3 goes I got three different levels of prizes for this. There was also a kind of pachinko type game which I had two goes at for 800 yen and won two different levels of prize, it looked like B ranked prizes were most common here. After I played it I definitely got that feeling there was a knack to winning.

The food

I tried two of the themed food offerings, I did have a couple other items but they weren’t YOI themed. I’d say this is more of a place to snack than have a meal, mostly because of the pricing. 

Makkachin crepe was something I had to try. This was a simple whipped cream filled crepe with a Makkachin on top, he was actually made out of chocolate cake and then the ears and little paws were piped on separately. So cute! This wasn’t too sweet and it had a little strawberry sauce inside. I can see why crepes are such a popular dessert in Japan. 8/10

Next up is the Peroshki which was tasty if a little greasy, it would have gone really well with a beer! It was exactly as you’d expected it to be a kind of Katsudon pocket, if you’ve ever had curry bun it’s like that except with a Katsudon filling instead. It was nice but the greasy taste let it down a little and it seemed a little small for the price. 6/10

I was expecting it to be super busy at Namjatown but I visited on a Thursday night around 5-7pm. Ikebukero was really busy but since it’s a place for families with little kids it wasn’t busy at all, I’d recommend going during the week if you can.


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