Uta Pri character crepe stand at marui OIOI department store

The Marui department store in Shibuya is pretty iconic, it features in a lot of anime and TV shows. Not being too far from the scramble crossing the women’s department store building is pretty easy to find. The ground floor features a variety of food stands but I was here for the Uta No Prince Sama crepes!

Each member of Starish and Quartet Night has his own flavoured crepe, you can get both sweet and savoury flavours. I just got the one but I was tempted to get a Ren one too which was filled with cheese! 

I ordered the Tokiya crepe simply because he’s my favourite and each crepe comes with a postcard. I got the last Tokiya postcard of the day! It was about 4-5pm when I ordered so fairly late in the day. Tokiya’s crepe is whipped cream, caramel drizzle inside with blueberries and a shortbread character biscuit. Honestly those purple stars on top are too cute!

I was surprised that this wasn’t too sweet and the shortbread was crisp and buttery, really tasty! It was very popular when I visited. As a word of warning they only have bar style seating so you mileage may vary with getting a sit down. While your here you can also visit the limited time broccoli girls store on the top floor. 9/10


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