Sokan Spicy Burdock

I got hooked on to these Spicy Burdock snacks at New Year when a friend gave me some to try. I’ve since bought them a couple of times from Japan Center, they’re supposed to be beer snacks but I can eat these anytime! Each packet is sold by weight rather than by number of pieces so you might find some variation in the size of the packet you get. Continue reading


Big Thunder or Black Thunder 3

I love Black Thunder and I’ve has these Big Thunder’s before from Japan Center, you won’t find these on their website sadly. You can only get these in store I suspect due to what happened to mine, it snapped on its way home. Compared with the original Black Thunder these are a totally different bar but it still retains the spirit of the original. Continue reading

Thai Almond Pocky

I’d never seen this Pocky before so obviously it was an instabuy from Japan Center. Don’t be fooled though this isn’t Japanese Pocky despite the Japanese side on the box. This Almond Pocky is one of the Thai branded Pocky flavours, very different from the Almond Crush version which you might have seen floating around. Continue reading

Kabaya Quattro Matcha Chocolate Biscuits

I love anything matcha flavoured and so far I’ve reviewed quite a few matcha biscuits but oh my these are probably up there as one of the best. I picked these up on a whim really from Japan Center, I hadn’t seen them before on their website so time to give them a try! These are made by Kabaya, I’ve never had any of their products before either so it’s all new to me. Continue reading

More Japan fan shopping tips in London

On my last trip down to London I only had a little time to go shopping so I hit my favourite stores; Japan Center, JP Books and Artbox which I’ve posted about previously. Last time I was out shopping was in August 2016 and I’d say it’s noticeable prices have gone up a little due to the fluctuations in the value of the pound. That isn’t to say there aren’t still bargains to be had out there, Japan Center in particular had a lot of marked down goods from Christmas. Continue reading

Sushi Waka York

It’s been a while since I last reviewed a place and not a snack! I spotted this new restaurant in York had popped up sometime around New Years and was determined I’d give it a try sometime. It’s right opposite the larger of the two Chinese supermarkets in York on George Hudson Street so it’s easy to get to and reasonably central. It’s pretty huge inside as most of the restaurants on this street are, we ate early at around 5 since we needed to get home at a reasonable time. Continue reading